Benefits to Contractor:
Provide Technical Staff support (as needed) to all projects for any rotating
machinery needs.
Enhance Consistency of your Companies services
(all projects at all locations can have uniform equipment review and analysis)
Increased Client Satisfaction with equipment that meets all project objectives
Added Value - Final review of all equipment specifications for all projects
yielding Reduced Claims
New Project Proposals will have decisive advantage over competition due to
equipment expertise "on call".
Rigorous shop testing to demanding specifications
(assuring no field surprises).
Problem free Start-ups
Expediting project close-outs and turnover to Client.
Increased profitability - faster turnover, minimize claims
Benefits to Customer:
Start-ups - Meets 100% of customer expectations on time.
Maintenance - Long term satisfaction with design and products installed
No unexpected surprises during start-up, - high vibration, Cavitation,
not meeting performance expectations
Reduced maintenance (couplings, seals and bearings)
Performance Specification supplemented with Design Specification
Solid Specifications and Acceptance Criterias
Testing to verify compliance with stringent specifications
Field Start-ups (Uneventful)
Detailed Data Sheets
Reliability - Increased MTBF