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Power Division

WCE has a team of dedicated Electrical engineers that are supported by state-of-the-art technology and Industry Standard processes. WCE’s Power Division Group is comprised of seasoned experts with technical know-how and Industry experience.

WCE’s Power Division Group provides engineering consultancy services for:

  • Power system planning, analysis, analytical studies, steady-state and transient

  • Power evacuation studies

  • Network simulation and design

  • Master plan preparation for T&D infrastructure

  • Grid connectivity studies

  • Grid Code Development and Code Compliance

  • Techno-Commercial Evaluation of New/Advanced Technologies

  • Industrial Power System Services

  • Overvoltage & Insulation Co-Ordination Services

  • Power Quality Services

  • Dynamic Analysis Services

  • Smart Grid Services

  • Substation & Transmission and distribution

  • Protection, control, Metering, EMS, SCADA and Communication

  • Protective device coordination, IEDs configuration and setting.

  • Providing clients with consultancy services for adopting the latest technology to optimize operations.

  • Operations optimization by either improving the existing practices or by adopting modern technologies.

  • Project Road-Map, DPR and Request for Proposal Preparation for Technology Upgrade

Power Systems:
  • Demand Forecast Planning

  • Generation Planning

  • Transmission Planning

  • Distribution Planning

  • Analytical Studies

  • Steady-state and transient

  • Protective device coordination, IEDs configuration and setting.

  • Substation & Transmission and distribution

  • Protection, Control, Metering, EMS, SCADA and Communication

Grid Code Compliance:
  • Conventional Systems

  • Renewable Energy

  • Reliability and Risk Assessment

Industrial Power System:
  • Overvoltage & Insulation Co-Ordination

  • Substation Ground Grid Step and Touch voltage Calaculation/Simulation

  • EMTP Studies

Dynamic Analysis:
  • PSS Tuning

  • Fault Ride through Compliance of RE

  • Sub Synchronous resonance & Mitigation

  • Dynamic Motor Acceleration

Renewable Energy Facilities:
  • Utility-Scal PV- Battery Storage Selection & Sizing

  • On-Shore wind generation

  • Off-Shore wind generation platforms

Grid Connectivity:
  • Conventional Generation

  • Renewable Generation

  • Local Generation interconnection

Power Quality:
  • Harmonic Measurements

  • Harmonic Mitigation

  • Voltage Flicker Measurements

  • Arc-Flash Safety Assessment

Smart Grid:
  • Distributed Energy Resources

  • Electrical Infrastructure

  • Business and policy