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Waugh Consulting Engineers, LLC

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Provides supporting services to Clients for all areas of design, fabrication and construction.

Expert assistance in the following equipment areas:

  • Pressure Vessels (Crude Desalters/Slug Catcher/Storage Bullets and spheres)

  • Tanks – UL Storage / API 653 API 650

  • Columns – Vacuum / Atmospheric Crude / Amine / TEG / Trays-Packings

  • Reactors – FCC / CCR – Radial Flow / Down flow (HT / Hydro-desulfurization)

  • Filters and Coalescers

  • WHR (Waste Heat Recovery Modules)

  • Trays

  • Packing, Catalyst and Supports

  • Pressure vessel support

  • Pipe guides and Supports

  • Internal Distribution

  • Demisters

  • Drums

  • Heavy Wall Vessels

  • Vessel Internals

  • Reaction Furnace

  • Auxiliary Burners

  • Reduction Gas Generator

  • Converters

  • Hydrogenation Reactors

  • Ladders and Platforms

  • Lifting Requirements (rigging)

  • Sulfur Equipment (Converter Reactors / tanks – heated coils)

  • Modular Packages (Glycol, ACRU, Desulphurization etc.)

KO Vessel (12,500 PSI)


  • Assist in preliminary design estimates

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Equipment Cost Estimates

  • Assist in developing project schedules

  • Assist in developing equipment design criteria

  • Develop and/or review equipment specification and standards

  • Data sheet preparation

  • Develop Inspection Test Plans (ITP) and Test Procedures

  • Prepare or review equipment inquiry requisitions

  • Prepare or review Technical Bid Analysis

  • Perform machinery design audits

  • Coordinate acoustical simulation studies

  • Review supplier fabrication drawings

  • Witness Equipment Testing (Rotating Equipment and large Motors)

  • Provide project support for equipment installation and startup

BROWNFIELD: Equipment Services

  • Equipment revamp and rerate

  • Shutdowns / tie-in studies

  • Vessel design calculation and verification, including existing vessel wall thickness checks for new process conditions

  • Demolition drawings

  • Existing equipment nozzle load modeling and analysis versus new process conditions

Piping / Pipe Stress


  • Identify potential technical issues and/or challenges

  • Confirm imports and utilization of field survey data from laser scans

  • Review existing and/or produce new piping material specifications

  • Review/Support development of fabrication and construction packages

  • Produce 3D model deliverables to include clash reports, isometrics, bills of materials, etc.

  • Create catalog items and specifications per industry and/or Client specifications and standards

  • Identify any potential cost impacts or scope growth relative to estimates and schedules

  • Provide construction support as needed

  • Review of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s)

  • Interpret and define requirements as per Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s)

  • Provide decades of Lesson’s Learned insights to the current project scope as related to efficiency, cost effectiveness, practicality, and if doable

  • Development of piping fabrication and construction specifications, including insulation, inspection and testing (e.g. hydrotest) requirements

  • Provide oversight of the Lead Design Team’s efforts in fulfilling tasks, assuring compliance with the project procedures and applicable codes and/or standards.

  • Piping material requisitioning: specification, technical bid evaluation, update for award and supplier document review

  • Consolidation of piping bulk material take-offs (MTOs) in support of project procurement

  • Identification of piping tie-ins and field support locations, including site (dimensional or otherwise) surveys as required

  • Development of valve and special piping item specifications/data sheets/lists

  • Confirm deliverables associated with various project phases including front-end scoping (FEL-1, 2, and 3), detailed design, fabrication, and construction are complete

  • Development of piping philosophies during feasibility and material classes and specifications during later project stages (FEED and beyond); pipe support and tie-in connection (e.g. acceptable couplings versus welding) standards will also be considered

  • Confirm incorporation of discipline design requirements and assure technical quality, accuracy, and compliance of all assigned project discipline tasks/deliverables with project and industry standards.

  • Piping and equipment layout studies, including 3D model development and coordination of cable tray routing and instrument/electrical equipment/stand locations as required

  • Piping stress analysis and support design, in conjunction with mechanical equipment and structural design load/interfaces; system natural frequencies can also be modeled and evaluated


  • Provide field investigation and surveying as required

  • Piping layout, design and checking

  • Material Specifications

  • Provide Piping Stress analysis for piping systems, utilizing latest software

  • Piping design and layout, e.g. 2D and 3D

  • Construction Support

  • Project estimation and scheduling

  • Presentation and support of reviews

  • Support of Acoustic Analysis – Piping ISOs, pipe support locations & support types

  • Utilize advanced CAD (computer aided design) techniques, encompassing 2D and 3D software

  • Piping stress analysis, including pipe support design

  • Perform layout, design, and checking tasks from basic data, utilizing theoretical and practical design knowledge and experience.  

  • Preparation of piping as-built documentation

  • Piping materials specification and requisitioning

  • Preparation of piping deliverables to support procurement, fabrication and installation. Deliverables include initial piping MTOs/weight take-offs (manual or 3D model download), isometrics, pipe support details, general arrangements/elevations and plot plans.

BROWNFIELD: Representative Experience

  • Evaluate existing piping material class evaluations versus new process conditions